The National Broadband Network or NBN is the next generation of infrastructure, providing fast internet access for the entire continent. Here are the top 5 ways to make use of the NBN in your small business.

Take Advantage of Video Conferencing

One of the biggest benefits of the NBN is the speed. Finally, an internet connection which allows you to enjoy clear, clean and almost delay-free video when making video calls. For many people, they’ll be able to feel like they’re talking to friends and family face to face. Businesses can take advantage of the same technology to roll out video conferencing to everyone who needs it. Problem-free.

Start Utilising Streaming Media

For private individuals, one of biggest benefits of NBN is its ability to stream media. Now users will be able to listen to music, watch movies and television content when they want it. For businesses, the ability to stream business conferences and connect employees with online educational resources is a value-added proposition.

Move to the Cloud

One of the biggest impacts of NBN for small businesses is that it makes cloud computing available and affordable to everyone. You can use cloud computing services to access accounting, CRM and other business software you couldn’t otherwise afford for your small business.

You’ll also be able to back-up your critical business information to the cloud. This protects the lifeblood of your business — your data — in case the local data repository is damaged or corrupted. This may allow your business to continue operating if your office space is unavailable and/or enable employees to work from home.

Switch to VOIP

We’ve already brought up how the NBN enables VOIP, voice over IP or voice calls over the internet. This has several benefits for small businesses. You can give people a set phone number, and they can use it and receive calls to it no matter what device they’re using for VOIP calling.

Your business can set up new employees with an assigned phone number they can use instantly; you don’t have to wait for phone lines to be strung to their office. Voicemail goes to a server that people can call into from anywhere, and the information can be saved along with other automatic backups. International calling and long-distance calling won’t cost you more with most VOIP services. To compare NBN plans and how they can replace your existing telecommunications services, go to iSelect.

Start Working Anywhere

The NBN can give you access to your data anywhere and anytime, while cloud computing allows you to access business software from your device. This means that you and your employees can work almost anywhere. Let sales people sell items at conventions and present contracts for review to clients in their offices.

Allow financial and other administrative staff to work from home once in a while. You probably can’t let the mechanic or custodian work from home, but many of those who come into the office could do the same work from home. Allowing people to do this part or full time is a great recruiting tool. It can also minimise absenteeism. If their car has broken down or they’re too sick to come into work, they may still be able to get work done. 

Image; DepositPhotos