The blockchain industry has been evolving rapidly over the past decade. There have been many companies coming up and changing the way people do business. The new startups that have been introduced in the past few years have especially given light on just how dynamic blockchain can be. The technology has been touted to reduce costs at the business place by up to 30%. The financial, health, transportation and many other industries are set to experience great change because of blockchain companies. Let us look at some of the main companies that are coming up with new solutions that will potentially change the world. 

  1. YottaChain

YottaChain has big prospects for the future. This company has already won many accolades for its work in the public realm. The startup aims to build a shared network of resources using proprietary technology to make it easier for people to use efficient technology. By connecting storage and processing resources and distributing them to the average computer user, the company will enable people connected to the network to leverage resources that they wouldn’t be able to access. The company does this by making resources decentralized using blockchain technology.

  1. Bitconch

Bitconch aims to transform the business realm through fast technologies. Aptly named after bitcoin – the first cryptocurrency – this startup aims to become a leader in its own right. Bitconch is supported and developed by engineers who have previously worked for big tech companies in the world. The startup has a beta network that is developed to enable up to 100,000 transactions per second. This is a number that is currently unheard of and which would be revolutionary. The company already has a working development model where a combination of POS, POW, and POA reputation systems would be used. The three systems have been previously applied in other blockchain realms.

  1. HeroToken

The financial realm has seen a huge number of blockchain startups. HeroToken, which is a continued success from PawnHero, aims to change the lending and borrowing market. This company aims to make it easy for borrowers and lenders to connect. The company will do this by having a common marketplace where individual lenders and borrowers and meet and exchange services. The startup is benefitting from the strong tech background of its founder as well as a team of experts. According to David Margendorff, the founder, HeroToken is set to change the financial possibilities of the billions of unbanked people globally.

4. LiteLink

This company connects the financial and logistics realm. LiteLink already has a logistics platform that is built on blockchain. This platform allows for easy tracking of goods. The service is efficient and it provides real-time tracking. With this service, the company has proven that it can be possible to achieve unrivaled transparency in the logistics realm. Spending on blockchain is expected to top $11 billion by 2022. Companies like LiteLink are hoping to tap into this industry.

  1. MetaHash

The team behind MetaHash has reimagined modern networks. By using blockchain technology as the foundation, MetaHash has managed to become a self-sustaining network. There are already hundreds of servers that power this network and the transactions performed reach 50,000 per second. MetaHash has even bigger goals for the future. The company hopes to expand to the rest of the world and bring dependable solutions anchored on decentralization.

  1. Advanced Blockchain AG

Advanced Blockchain AG (ABAG), is a publicly listed company founded in Germany. This company is built for the business world. The company focuses on bringing sustainable solutions to big corporations. It has already served major companies in the auto world and it has greater prospects for the future. The company is considered to be a major player in the blockchain world as it has a solid team of innovators behind it. ABAG has already targeted the US market and the next goal is to expand to the rest of the world.

The blockchain technology continues to inspire and excite the world. In recent years, it has been reported that up to 90% of banks in America and Europe have explored the technology. People in the tech world and even outside it are fully behind the new solutions that are coming as a result of blockchain. With decentralization being at the core of the technology, many benefits are expected. The above companies are some of the many that are bringing change and revolution in various industries by using blockchain.

Image; DepositPhotos