Epic stated at the beginning of 2019 that they wouldn’t release new updates before major tournaments. Which is kind of a bummer when you think about it. Because it’s nice to see top players and pros get thrown for a loop every now and again.

That said, if you are taking some action at online betting sites, the no new patch rule might be better for you, because you are better able to handicap how your favorite players are going to perform.

Epic wants to give players time to adjust to the updates before the big tournaments (again, this is just mho, but I think this is silly). Then again … action usually follows the money and with the nearly 20 million dollars in prizes combined throughout all of last year’s tournaments, they want to “shape the best Fortnite experience” –according to Variety magazine online.

But let’s look at a couple of the best 2019 Fortnite patches that have been instituted so far.


Secret Skirmish with the Infantry Rifle!

In the middle of February, Epic released an epic update with a ton of good stuff, including the Infantry Rifle. Now, I’ve got to say, if you like playing with the AK, the infantry rifle seems a bit underpowered. The AK comes with a 25-round clip and 44 points of damage to the body (feel free to fact check me, I’m going off the top of my head here), while the IR is slightly less, 43 and at the mid-tier (green rifle). So, it has fewer rounds before having to reload, and less damage, plus you have to lead your shots.

That said, it looks, ‘feels,’ and sounds like an old-school M1 Garand. So, if you are just so good at Fortnite that you want a bit more challenge, it is quite a fun weapon to play with. But if you are serious about winning, you probably only want to use it until it can be replaced by an M4 or AK.

Version 7.40 also added a couple of cool building features, like the ability to resize some props and even create music. Epic also offered the temporary ability for gifting in the patch. But just for a few short weeks, mostly due to Valentine’s Day.

A couple of very useful pieces in the patch were the ability to duck while editing … so much better for not getting your head blown off. And upgrading the x-4 so that you can’t destroy structures by Kamakazi crashes with the Stormwing.

Remember when there was a house on Loot Lake?


This was a smaller one, but the changes were important. The new proximity grenade launcher. So … you have problems with your aim, eh? Not anymore! Just get that bad my pointed in the general vicinity and your likely to do a lot of damage. It’s almost like playing horseshoes … close counts!

It comes in Epic and Legendary versions with two-shot in semi-automatic fashion. One of the best features is the fact that it does up to 138 damage to structures. So, if some nOOb is building a wood wall, you can just smoke right through it, and blow their house down like the big bad wolf.

This patch also changed the probability of finding loot like shield potions, shotguns, Epic, and Legendary Infantry Rifles, Heavy Assault Rifles, and mounted Turrets. While most went up in percentage, Heavy Assault Rifles and Turrets went down a tad.

What your favorite changes that came in recent Fortnite patches?

Image; DepositPhotos