Blockchain technology has been taking the world by storm over the past few years. This tech has introduced a number of new concepts into the technology field and with this introduction also came with the technology becoming more widely used in many different applications. The industry has been growing, especially fast, since 2017, with a huge number of ICOs looking to learn how to apply the technology in popular ways to attract as many customers as possible.

Since then, the cryptos and the blockchain tech have found their way into simple mobile application uses. So what are some of the most popular uses for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin specifically? Well, the top applications in the field are, of course, related to trading. But there are other applications that many have found to not only be useful but have caused certain cryptocurrency apps to become an everyday aspect of their lives. So, without further ado, let us get into the nitty and gritty of which are the most popular uses for cryptocurrency applications in 2019.


As mentioned previously, one of the most popular applications for any kind of blockchain based mobile application is to use it in order to somehow benefit the trading that the user is doing. The range and variety of all of these applications are quite wide, but most of the effort of the app development is concentrated in several specific areas.

The number one most popular area is the development of mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies. Mobile wallets, as you are already aware, are mostly used to safely store the crypto assets of certain individuals. This direction is taken not only by startups – big corporations, such as Apple, are already getting involved in the rush. But the development is not going in only one direction. Exchanges, indexes and other highly useful applications are being developed right now in order to help all traders do a better job at actually trading.


One interesting development in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is the use of technology in order to produce new games, both online and offline. When it comes to mobile gaming than the majority of the games being developed are currently dedicated to online gaming. There is a very large number of games currently available online, but some of the most popular of these are live Aussie Bitcoin casino games.

These games have taken over the entire industry in seemingly a flash, with a large number of apps being developed in order to attract customers and a significant amount of demand being expressed by users. It is not surprising for the casino industry to be an early adopter of this technology, as the anonymity of the payment systems would permit them to provide a sense of security to the users that are not available to them that other applications and casinos are not able to provide. The way the gaming happens is quite interesting too – the blockchain permits the systems to remain securely recorded, unalterable and provides the users with the ability to keep an eye on the workings of the RNG and other gambling systems, in order to make sure the entire system is fair.


This is probably the most intuitive industry for the blockchain technology to have entered, as communication is one of the basic needs of every human on the planet today. While the social media of today suffers from a large number of manipulation, trolls and surveillance, a number of blockchain based systems have been able to avoid these issues and become more reliable. Some of the most famous apps saw hundreds of millions of dollars at the initial stages of their coin release and have since then become widely used by the general public.

The market is also seeing more and more such companies appear, with more of them offering solutions to problems that are just now becoming apparent in the use of blockchain for communications. Furthermore, with the governments around the world attempting to curtail the use of these technologies in order to retain surveillance of their citizens, the demand for them is growing, which further drives the developers to come up with apps that are more resistant to any kind of outside interference.