Multiplayer battle Royale video games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are not everyone’s cup of tea. Being on an island where anything can happen with limited ammo and scavengers battling you to the death creates a tense, vulnerable experience. 

But with Fortnite’s Avengers: Endgame Crossover, things are different. The superhero mode is limited but gives you the rare power only Marvel characters possess. For a short period of time, you get to be Thanos and all his might or be part of the special team battling to kill the purple monster amidst unprecedented chaos.

2018 Fortnite Avenger’s Event

Fortnite first teamed up with Marvel last year just when Avengers: Infinity War was about to be released. The limited-time event saw players battle it out to find Thanos’ gauntlet and assume his powers. Although done purposely, whoever became Thanos gained overly powerful features.

The remaining players would automatically form a super team with the single mission of killing Thanos. But as Sam Weaver and other gaming experts admit, acquiring the villain’s gauntlet was a struggle. You’d have to be very good or lucky at the game to become Thanos. 

But once you did, it was impossible to kill your character. Last year’s Fortnite Thanos had a super-powerful purple beam, super-human movements and nearly unlimited health bars that made him impossible to terminate

2019 Endgame Fortnite Crossover

In this year’s crossover event, everyone is a superhero of some form. There are two teams, each with 20 members. A few people may drop out before things heat up, which brings down most teams to 14-18 members each. 

If you choose to be on the humanity team, you receive an assault rifle, the usual Fortnite map, a shotgun, and a treasure map. The treasure map helps you discover Marvel-themed weapons like Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, Hawkeye’s explosive bow or Iron Man’s gloves.

Like the bonuses received at Sam Weaver’s Zamsino online casinos, Marvel’s weapons are meant to enhance your gaming experience and should be used wisely. Misuse them and you will be eliminated before you use them to your advantage. The other team features Thanos and his alien army of Chitauri. Unlike you, the gang has unlimited fuel, a better charge-up attack

Playing the Game: Team Humanity vs Team Thanos

Depending on which side you choose, your first mission will be to find an infinity stone or attack the Chitauri. Keep in mind team Thanos have laser rifles, energy launchers and other weapons that make them slightly more powerful than your team.

Predictably, Thanos is the most powerful of his team. His leap and punches bring down several players at once. Fortunately, he isn’t infallible anymore. With all the tools and weapons Epic availed in this year’s event, it’s easier to bring down the purple monster. 

The Infinity Stones

Sure, it’s possible to bring down Thanos now that team humanity has weapons and tools capable of killing the Chauri. However, things could get tough real quick. If members of team Thanos find the six infinity stones faster than you can kill him, he gains more power. This also depends on the exact stone found.

When the red reality stone is discovered, the purple monster doubles his health and shields from 1000 to 2000. If the orange soul stone is found, Thanos gains a special shield on he is eligible to get. Once the yellow mind stone is discovered, the super-villains jump height is doubled.

The blue space stone triples Thanos impact on the ground. When he leaps and pounds, he causes six times more damage. The green time stone is just as damaging. When discovered, Thanos hits become three times more damaging. The final stone is the purple power stone. Like in the movies, the stone enhances Thanos’ purple laser damage six times.

Needless to say, if all infinity stones are discovered, the Chitauri have a significant chance of wiping out your team and everything around you. 

The Gaming Experience

This year’s Fortnite Avenger’s event feels like a VIP casino lounge. Of course, live dealer casinos are open 24 hours a day all year-round. But for the short period, Fortnite’s Crossover event is available, no game is better in offering thrills and fun moments. Below are some of the experiences to cherish in the game.

  • Experience Superhero Features

If you’re lucky to get Iron Man’s gloves, you will be able to hover around in the air and send energy blasts at the Chitauri like a true Marvel. Hawkeye’s bow feels steadier and more powerful than most assault rifles in the game. 

Becoming Thanos is the holy grail of the event. Imagine gaining all of his power like you’ve seen him in the movies. You can attack humans using laser beams. And even if they try to block it using Captain America’s shield, you can charge at them using other powers.

  • Team-Based

Unlike last year’s event, this year’s crossover tournament is team-based. Playing solo has its fair share of advantages. But when the opponent at hand is Thanos, it feels better battling to beat him with your teammates. The fact that everyone has special weapons aimed to annihilate Thanos makes the experience even better.

Being on team Thanos is even more exciting. You’re all coordinated and empowered to help your leader overpower humanity. You have better weapons. And with the aid of Thanos infinity stones, you could wipe out your opponents effortlessly.

  • Time Limited

The cross over event is time-limited—and that makes it special. If you’re lucky to play Thanos during a competition, you’re one of the very few people to do it. Being part of a team that wins is also a rare achievement. And with all the hype that goes around the event, you can be certain to cherish that moment until the next Fortnite Avenger’s game event.

To Conclude

Fortnite is the biggest game of this century. On the other hand, Avengers is Marvel’s biggest franchise. A combination of the two franchises seems unimaginable but it’s real. This year’s Fortnite Avenger’s Endgame event is bigger than ever. It’s only available for a short while but has great features and themes. You can be Thanos, receive superhero weapons and play in a team meant to bring down the purple monster. 

Image; DepositPhotos