Taking on large-scale projects and completing them in a timely manner is the cornerstone of a successful business. While the project management process can be stressful and overwhelming at times, you will need to persevere to ensure the task at hand is completed.

A lack of clearly defined goals is to blame for 40 percent of all project management failures. Finding and fixing the issues that exist within your projects is essential when trying to take care of your client’s needs.

Embracing the project management trends in 2019 can help you create a competitive edge. The following are just some of the trends you need to keep an eye on this year.

1. The Power of Cross-Company Collaboration

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is ignoring the power of networking. Forging relationships with business owners in other industries can be extremely beneficial. Using these relationships to make the project management process more successful is a great idea.

Many companies outsource certain tasks within a project to companies with a vast amount of experience. By doing this, you can increase the quality of the results you provide your client. Trying to handle every task within a project on your own is a recipe for disaster. This is why working with other business owners is such a great idea.

2. Better Reporting and Data

The overall success you have on a particular project depends heavily on the quality of the data used to both develop and carry out the tasks within the project. Long gone are the days when business owners would just guess about important factors of a project. These days, business owners are demanding bettering reporting and data from their team.

Getting data regarding how well a particular app being used during the project management process is performing can be helpful. If you see an app is causing delays to occur, you either need to get rid of it or optimize it.  

AppOptics is one of the best performance monitoring software programs on the market. Since AppOptics is the premium brand in the Scala server and Infrastructure monitoring industry, you can rest assured you are getting all of the important information you need to carry out a project successfully.

3. The Use of Hybrid Project Management Methods

There is no denying just how helpful the use of technology has been to the world of project management. With each passing year, the technology used in this industry grow by leaps and bounds. The latest trend in the world of project management is hybrid software programs and methodologies.

Many teams use both cloud-based project management programs along with the Agile methodology to get their work done. With a cloud-based project management system, you are able to get updates on the progression of a project in real-time. This type of software is also a great fit for a company who utilizes the power and convenience of remote work.

4. Open Source Problem Solving

As the landscape of modern business changes, more and more companies are starting to embrace open source problem solving. With all of the different online project management repositories, business owners are able to share things like templates, project plans and host of other useful information.

If you hit a roadblock on a particular project, these open source tools can help you find solutions in a hurry. Often times, you can get an objective look at the problem you face when allowing others to look at it. With this type of help, you can solve problems and stay on track with ease.

Don’t Let Your Fear of Change Prohibit Growth

Some business owners are apprehensive when it comes to changing their current project management methods. While new methods can take a while to learn, it is well worth the effort considering the increased productivity levels they can provide.

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