The smartphone has adapted to technology through the years, so much so, that apps like SpyMeSat can access active satellites and obtain HD Resolution Satellite Photos. It also collects data of the Earth as it orbits as well as of the space debris. Here is what you need to know about how the SpyMeSat app lets you control satellites from your phone.

What Data Do Satellites Provide?

As noted to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), there are currently 4,987 satellites orbiting the Earth at the start of 2019. In addition to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s geostationary and polar-orbiting meteorological satellites, the United States, Russia, France, China, Israel, India, North Korea, Ukraine, Iran, Japan, the United Kingdom and the European Space Agency also have satellites in operation.

Geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites obtain information from ground stations on raw radiance to observe environmental changes that affect geophysical data that affect the oceans, atmosphere or Earth. The data can be used to forecast and oversee environmental or weather patterns around forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

SpyMeSat can access satellites to retrieve images for:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Satellite data
  • Academics
  • Space analysis
  • Dataset accessibility
  • Climate records
  • Performance analysis
  • Raise awareness
  • Research
  • Map graphics
  • Real-time positioning
  • Imagery for products or services

Of the nearly 5,000 satellites orbiting currently, there are also more than 10,000 space junk objects that, for the most part, are no longer in operation. Of these satellites, only a select number have available cameras that are primarily used to observe the space and the Earth. Other uses of these satellites include essentials like communications, global research and telecommunications.

How Does SpyMeSat Work?

SpyMeSat pushes the boundaries of augmented reality with the touch of a smartphone button. You can set your locations on the main map or search based on coordinates, areas of interest or an address. You can also zoom and scroll until you pin places that you want to obtain satellite imagery. The SpyMeSat notifies you when a satellite is taking an image for on-demand access.

The SpyMeSat app has several tools available to access your images including a QGIS application and the QGIS website. Users can also set a new task for high-resolution satellites to capture new imagery, which is ideal for both private and commercial entities. SpyMeSat is also the only app that allows its users to access commercial satellites as they pass over areas.

Can Anyone Purchase SpyMeSat Images?

After setting your SpyMeSat location and utilizing the SpyMeSat icon, you will receive a preview of the satellite imagery on the Available Satellite Imagery page. You can also change the size with the 1KM and 2KM buttons. Then, you can tap on Buy Image to complete your purchase. Your privacy is important, so you can log into an account or buy anonymously.

Your purchase will then be confirmed by you and will download to the SpyMeSat Satellite Imagery page so that you can view it. You can then tap on your image and receive it in full resolution, which you can send to your email or even post for your friends and family on your social media platforms. The images can make for incredible Instagram Stories.

How Clear Are the Images?

Are you wondering how clear the images would be when tasked from a smartphone app? The minimum resolution is around 2,700 pixels, which is clear enough to capture pictures of people. The imagery is available in color, but the EROS-B satellite also captures pictures in black and white. Consumers can also view sample images before purchasing by visiting SpyMeSat’s website.

Is Access to All Space Satellites Available?

SpyMeSat provides access to imaging satellites that meet minimal resolution capabilities of 5M or higher. NORAD also maintains satellite orbiting information that provides broadcasting details of commercial or government satellites. Some governments do not publish imaging information, so you will not have access to any of the classified satellites via the SpyMeSat app.

Where Does SpyMeSat Obtain Its Information?

NORAD publishes data directly from Celestrak, which SpyMeSat uses to predict satellite positioning. The camera capabilities are controlled by the operator of the satellite, but SpyMeSat can use it to forecast image resolutions and positioning. You can view any of these satellite changes as it moves on your smartphone until it reaches your designated mapping sequence

How Does SpyMeSat Track Satellite Movement?

Satellites accessed by the SpyMeSat app are located in low Earth orbit (LEO), which has an altitude of about 500 miles. All of the LEO satellites move on average of 16,000 miles every hour, which the app can monitor. As it only takes a LEO satellite 90 minutes to orbit the Earth, the orbital speed provides countless opportunities to access one to obtain any type of imagery you need.

Does SpyMeSat Work With an Internet Access Point?

The SpyMeSat app is programmed to retrieve updated orbiting data from its server once internet access is available. As a back-up, the app will access the latest stored data, so you have access to your imaging information. After seven days, the SpyMeSat app will seek new data. The system ensures that users never lose access to satellite providers or new imaging sources.

Are High-resolution Images Affordable?

Once you create an account and download the SpyMeSat app, the purchase price of the image depends solely on the satellite operator. Pricing is based exclusively on the age of the image. You would pay more for an image directly from the camera vs. one that has been archived. If you want images of any in-demand events, it might likewise be more costly to retrieve them.

Resolution expectation will also affect pricing. Many people prefer high-resolution images, but low-resolution during tasking generally meets the user’s standard when not for commercial use. You can compare satellites, pricing and resolution before setting your task, which will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision as a consumer.

What is clear is that for the first time, SpyMeSat provides consumers direct access to satellites without having to join pricey clubs, do a lot of research to find them or pay for costly images.

Image; DepositPhotos