Making extra money via your cell phone has never been easier than it is in 2019. There are dozens of ways to make money on your cellphone, from cash back apps to survey apps and more. Here are some ways you can turn your cell phone into a source of extra income in 2019. 

Cash Back Apps 

The power of cash backs to generate extra income should not be taken lightly. Cashback apps are simple: you shop, upload a receipt or buy specific items, and you get paid. That’s it. It’s that easy to generate money from the things you’re purchasing anyway. 

There are several cash back apps that work in this way, but some of the best money making apps are Ibotta, TopCashBack, Rakuten, and Shopkick.  Each of these apps offers its users a chance to turn their shopping habits into extra income by providing a percentage of their retail partner commissions as cash back. 

Essentially, retailers pay sites like Ibotta a commission when a user makes a purchase on their site. A certain percentage of this commission (100% with TopCashBack) is directed back to the app’s users as cash back. 

If you enjoy shopping, you might want to look into these cash back apps for some easy cash. You can also have your payments loaded onto gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Wal Mart. 

Most of the apps will pay through PayPal, so if you don’t have an account you’ll have to get one. From there, your cash can be deposited right into your bank account. Be aware that PayPal does charge transfer fees though, so you’ll be losing a percentage of anything you’re transferring. 

With a huge worldwide network of users and retailers alike, these cashback apps are sure to offer a reward for wherever you shop regularly. Many of the cash back apps even have multiple options for generating cash, like survey taking or other task work. 

The possibilities are endless with these apps. With excellent customer service ratings, a user base to back them up, and connections to most of your favorite retailers, shopping will never be the same. Why simple spend money when you can earn a percentage of it back? 

Survey Apps 

Retailers pay for information to create better marketing campaigns and discover other useful insight into their customer base. Without this information, retailers would have a very hard time marketing products to customers. 

Surveys are one way that retailers generate this kind of information, and they are willing to pay for it. Cue survey apps. These apps offer the user a chance to generate some extra income by answering simple questions on buying habits and preferences (among other things). 

Apps like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks pay users to complete surveys, with payouts varying based on the content and length of the survey. Each of these apps pays you in points, or in the case of Swagbucks, in “SBs”, which can then be redeemed for either money deposited to your PayPal account or retailer gift cards. 

Your opinions work to help retailers create better products and buying experiences, so you are also contributing to a greater cause by participating in surveys. Your voice is heard and your opinion is valuable; hence paid surveys.

If you’ve never tried a paid survey app, try downloading one today and give it a test drive. If you don’t like the way the process works, you can always opt out at any time, but survey taking is definitely one of the easiest ways to make money on your cell phone in 2019. 

Sell Your Old Stuff 

Do you have clothes piling up? And old record collection? Maybe even a bike you don’t want anymore? There are dozens of apps that you can download on your cell phone that essentially do what eBay does, except on a localized scale instead of worldwide. 

With these apps, you can sell your old stuff to people in your area securely. Each user, both buys and sellers, have an account and profile which you can leave a rating on. So if you go to sell something and the buyer tries anything suspicious, you can leave them a poor rating and warn other users. 

Overall, the concept is a safe one, and most meetings take place in a public area anyway. The Facebook app actually has a built-in marketplace that you can do this with, but there are specific apps like LetGo that specialize strictly in buying and selling. 

Play Games 

Qriket is an app that provides users with an easy way to make some extra money: by playing games! Sounds great, right? You can spin the wheel and earn points which translate into actual money, or you can join the live events and win real time prizes, up to $100 cash. 

After you run out of free spins, you can watch some short ad videos and receive more so you can keep playing and make your way into the live events. What better way to make extra money than to play an entertaining game? 


Cell phones provide an excellent platform for money-making opportunities. Whether you simply want to shop, do task work, complete surveys, or even just play games, there are a number of ways in which your phone can go from costing money every month to generating money every month. 

Image; DepositPhotos