Our computers store lots of useful information. It’s convenient to have it always at our fingertips. Data loss puzzles us. It’s a real misfortune when you cannot accomplish a task because of information collapse. We present 10 effective data recovery software for Mac which could come to your rescue.

10 Tools to Recover Data on Mac

  1. PhotoRec

It is free Mac data recovery software. It lacks customer support but recovers many types of files. It works both on a computer and peripheral storage devices. 

  1. Data Rescue 5

This tool fits the latest OS for Mac (starting 10.10). It can restore data on Mac hard disk, memory sticks, solid state drives. Its interface is user-friendly. The only disadvantage is that only the demo version is free. 

  1. Disk Drill

This 5-star application can recognize and recover 300 types of files. It’s perfect for computers, Android, iPhone, iPad, and many external storage devices. One can try the free download version for the preview of lost data. You can also recover protected files and those deleted from a trash can.

  1. Softtote Mac Data Recovery

You can recover data on various media storage devices using this tool. It’s easy-to-use and promises fast scanning of lost data. Its disadvantage is in a limited number of supported file types.

  1. Wondershare Data Recovery

Users of Mac OS 10.6 and later prefer this app through Mojave newest iteration. It scans quickly, allows required files selection and safely restores data. It also provides raw file, partition, and resume recovery. Still, it demands a license of a yearly subscription.

  1. M3 Mac Data Recovery

This app is free and restores most types of files. You can recover files on Mac sized up to 1GB. Still and all, some consumers complain about low-quality restored data. 

  1. Cisdem Data Recovery

This multifunctional tool can retrieve data on Mac in three steps. It presents scenarios of data loss, scans, preview, and restored files. The manufacturer guarantees money return during first 30 days. The application recovers deleted, failed, and formatted files.

  1. Minitool Power Data Recovery

It restores data on interior and exterior storage devices. The app supports all existing formats. It fits Mac OS 10.5 and later versions through Mojave. A free version promises 1MB of restored data of medium quality (regarding user’s feedback).

  1. Lazesoft  Data Recovery

It is absolutely free and limitless. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t support new OS Mac versions. 

  1. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

It’s a great choice for those who need qualitative recovery. The app enables the creation of a bootable USB drive. Besides, it restores data from Time Machine backups. Its free version lets you restore 2 GB of data! Its paid version is pricey. 

Summing Up

Backups cannot guarantee 100% data protection. System errors, accidental deletion, damage of hard drive can result in data loss. Choose and install the best of the above-mentioned recovers for your Mac to feel safer. You might find the installation pack on the official website of the manufacturer. 

Image; DepositPhotos