iDEAL is a Dutch online payment processor, which has become incredibly popular in the Netherlands. The system works on the same as other online payment systems, with the exception that users do not need to make a registration to use the service. iDEAL offers various benefits to Dutch players and is accepted in more than 60 online casinos, which makes it incredibly convenient to use. 

iDEAL allows players to conduct online money transactions in a safe and reliable manner. With iDEAL, players can conduct payments through users’ mobile banking app – actually, the method simply transfers the funds from your bank account to the account of the online entrepreneur. 

Depositing funds with iDEAL is as easy as a child’s game. All you need to do is log into your casino account, select the iDEAL payment option, type in the number of funds they wish to deposit and choose their bank. Please note that iDEAL works with most major banks in the Netherlands; so, in order to use the service, players should check out the names of these banks and make sure they hold an account at one of them. Once the bank is selected, players will be redirected to their bank’s online interface, where they just need to follow the instructions and complete the transaction. 

Using iDEAL is not free of charge and fees vary for different banks. Still, fees are usually defined when transactions are made and tend to be relatively low. 

Advantages of iDEAL

As of 2017, iDEAL has become the leading online payment method in the Netherlands, and for a reason, too – the payment system offers many advantages to its users.

To begin with, no registration is required and bettors do not need to install a specific software to use iDEAL are. According to experts from Casino Games Pro, the system is fully-responsive, meaning that it can be used via various devices, including mobiles.

It should also be noted that iDEAL transfers are completed immediately, so players can easily fund their online casino accounts using the method, and there are no fees for deposits, too. But that is not all – many Dutch casinos offer bonus rewards to players using iDEAL.

And yet, arguably the biggest advantage iDEAL offers its users is an unparalleled security system. All iDEAL transactions are approved by the user’s bank, and no personal data is revealed when a deposit is made, either. Further, online banking transactions are protected on the web with the use of SSL encryption systems, complemented by two-factor authentication tokens.

In essence, the two-factor authentication is a method, designed to confirm the identity of the user. The method is called “two-factor” as it includes two pieces of evidence, which the user with the given identity is supposed to know, have, or be. Additionally, the two factors are different from one another. 

Disadvantages of iDEAL

Evidently, using iDEAL offers numerous advantages to Dutch casino enthusiasts, but it has some disadvantages, too. 

iDEAL’s biggest disadvantage has to do with the fact that the method does not have a withdrawal mechanism. Even though making a deposit is as easy a child’s game, withdrawing with iDEAL is not possible, and that is why players need to choose an alternative method to withdraw funds from their casino account. 

Actually, withdrawing funds with iDEAL is possible, but for this purpose, the casino has to offer a direct-to-bank transfer. However, players will have to reveal important personal data if they wish to make a withdrawal with iDEAL, which makes it far from the ideal option. 

Last, but not least, iDEAL is only available to players living in the Netherlands. Apparently, there are several reasons why the company does not seem interested in expanding its services outside the Netherlands, at least for the time being. 

Image: DepositPhotos