It’s important to be very careful regarding packing when it comes to an adventure. You cannot afford to miss anything, or your adventure will turn out to be a nightmare. 

Be it camping, hiking or just touring around the world, there are a lot of essentials you must carry along with you to have the smoothest adventure of your life. 

Here is all that you must pack in order to have a great experience:

#1 Water to Stay Hydrated

Water is necessary for you to stay hydrated and to survive throughout your adventure. 

Make sure to pack in a few bottles of drinkable water to use during your journey. You can also refill it from a stream or river, but make sure it’s drinkable. If possible, get your hands on a portable filter so that you have no issues.

#2 Food and Snacks to Avoid Hunger

You will feel pangs of hunger every now and then during your adventure. Hence, you must remember to pack easy to carry edibles that are packed with nutrition and can boost your energy levels. 

Some good items include energy bars, biscuits, canned food, and nuts. Stay away from foods that are very heavy or can get spoiled easily. 

#3 Clothes to Keep You Safe

You will obviously be wearing clothes but you need to be careful about what you wear. Pick something that covers you well so that you stay protected against the sun, insects, and other such elements. 

Keeping a few extra pieces of clothing can be a good option. Do not pack too many or too less. Pack just as many as you think you might need. Also, pack your clothes keeping in mind the weather and climate of the place you will be traveling to.

#4 Toiletries for Hygiene

No matter where you are headed, toiletries are essential for your personal hygiene and cleanliness. It might sound inconvenient to pack shampoos, soaps, and paste. The key lies in going for small items that are specifically made for travelers. 

#5 Map and Compass

Go traditional and carry a map and compass to ensure you don’t get lost. We live in the era of Google Maps and GPS but it may get troublesome if you’re deep in the jungle.

There may be no signals or routes their and only a map can help you in such places so make sure to pack one. 

#6 Medicines and First Aid

If you’re on any medication, make sure to pack it. If you’re traveling abroad then carry your prescription as well.

These include medicines for hypertension, diabetes, and other such diseases. Moreover, carry a first aid kit as well. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. A first aid kit will keep you safe and secure. 

#7 Cash for Payments

Do not count on ATMs, carry some cash along to make sure you face no problems. There can be places where your card won’t be of much use and this is when your cash will come in handy. 

Imagine being in the middle of a jungle and having to pay someone for food. You won’t get an ATM there and they might not accept plastic money, so make sure to carry cash but keep it safe and in a waterproof wallet. 

#8 A Charger and a Battery Bank

Your phone may not receive signals when you’re deep in the woods, but you will still need one to keep you entertained. Plus, you will need a phone camera to click pictures and save memories so make sure to carry a portable battery so that you can charge your phone on the go.

Also, pick a nice HDMI cable from KoinCable as you may need one during your journey. Other than this, carry chargers and earphones as well.

#9 Mosquito Repellent

Going on an adventure is not the same as going on a vacation. The trip will give you far more exposure to the outer world. Outdoor camping, trekking, and hiking can put you at the risk of mosquito bites, which can be painful and a cause of serious health issues such as malaria and dengue.

Carry a mosquito repelling lotion or spray to keep mosquitoes at bay. Some of these repellents may work on other insects and bugs as well.

#10 Sunscreen for Protection Against the Sun

To be safe from the harmful UV rays and sunburns, pack along your sunscreen to protect your skin. Your clothes will protect you best from the sun but the parts that remain exposed to the sun need a dab of sunscreen before you set out on your adventure. Otherwise, you will end up in a lot of trouble. 

#11 Flashlight and Extra Batteries 

Flashlights are a must-have for adventurers to guide them after sundown. It’s important that you keep one handy with you. Also, keep spare batteries in case your flashlight drains out the ones in use. 

Do not count too much on your phone torch. It can kill the battery.

#12 Tent and Sleeping Bag

Lightweight tents and sleeping bags should also be your priority while packing away for an adventure. Tents give you a perfect enclosure and shelter and protect you from outside elements. 

Choose a waterproof shelter so that harsh weather conditions, such as rain and sun, cannot harm you. Moreover, pick sleeping bags as well. They are necessary to sleep comfortably. Just make sure to pick something that is easy to pack and carry. 

#13 A Novel

Avoid this if you’re not into reading, but if you enjoy a good book then pack in a novel so that you don’t get bored. There are few things as exciting as resting against a tree and reading a book with a river flowing in the background. 

It is not a necessity but can make a lot of difference to your journey. 

All in all, you need to pack everything that you may need during your trip. We suggest that you make a checklist so that you don’t forget anything.