Cybersecurity is often described using “wild west” metaphors, and for good reason. It’s still a wild and untamed landscaped defined by uncertainty, instability, and endless evolution. 

In order to understand the threats of today and tomorrow, it’s important to ask the professionals on the front lines of cybersecurity. They are at the vanguard of advanced protection, and they interpret the mentality of hackers better than anyone else. These thought leaders supply the ideas and insights that propel cybersecurity right now:

  1. Brian Krebs – Krebs began his career reporting on cybersecurity for the Washington Post in 1995. After leaving the paper in 2009, he became one of the best-known cybersecurity bloggers online. His insights are based on careful investigative reporting of basically every major cyber incident since the rise of the internet.
  1. Bruce Schneier – Schneier has written extensively about cybersecurity in books and academic articles. He has also testified before a number of government agencies and served on several committees. One of his books, Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World, is considered an essential primer on individual data collection.
  1. Mikko Hypponen – Hypponen is a Finnish cybersecurity expert and founder of a research firm that works to debug viruses. He is recognizable from several high-profile TED talks as well as articles in Wired and the NY Times. Hypponen’s experience with the technical nature of threats is invaluable.
  1. Eva Galperin – Galperin is the Director of Cybersecurity at the Electronic Freedom Foundation. Before that, she worked throughout Silicon Valley. Her work is unique for focusing on the impact of cybercrime on vulnerable populations. The intersection of cybersecurity and political science is a frequent subject of her work. This sets her apart from many other thought leaders.
  1. Scott N. Schober – Schober heads up the wireless security firm Berkeley Varitronics Systems. He also speaks regularly on TV networks like ABC, CNN, and CNBC. Schober is able to translate complex cybersecurity topics into accessible layman’s terms better than many of his peers. 

  1. Alex Hutton – Hutton is a global leader in the field of risk modeling and analysis. He has worked significantly with Verizon and has a background in finance. As companies increasingly use risk modeling to adjust cyber policies and limit financial losses, expect Hutton’s insights to lead the way. 
  1. Kate Moussouris – Moussouris is the creator of the first bug bounty programs for the US government and Microsoft. These programs are now standard throughout the industry. Much of her work has focused on using hackers themselves to improve cybersecurity. She is rightfully called a pioneer and is one of the most opinionated security experts on social media. 
  1. Window Snyder – Snyder is the former CSO of Mozilla and currently works on security at companies like Airbnb and Spotify. She also co-authored a seminal text on threat modeling. Synder is the creator of the Microsoft BlueHat security conference, a fruitful annual gathering on thought leaders. 
  1. Eugene Kaspersky – Kaspersky is the CEO of Kaspersky Labs, one of the largest cybersecurity firms in the world. He writes and publishes extensively on the company’s blog and is active on social media as well. He was also an early developer of antivirus software, giving him a historical perspective that few others share.

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