The HPE0-S37 certification exam assesses your basic knowledge of the most popular server solutions and innovations of HPE. Your ability to describe infrastructure management solutions on the clouds and on-site, as well as to understand the tool management system used to prepare a ProLiant system deployment will also be tested. The ideal applicants for this test are those who would like to get the HPE ATP Server Solutions certification or those who have already purchased previous versions of the certificate. Any individual can take the exam, however, a minimum 1 year of experience with HPE server solutions and server technologies is recommended. It is also important for candidates to have knowledge of standard server technology training, practice, and industry experience.

General Overview of the HPE0-S37 Exam

This HPE exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions which you are required to complete within 1 hour 30 minutes. The passing score is 70 percent.

The exam objectives help you know the areas to focus on during your exam preparation process. Here are the objectives of theHPE0-S37test:

  • Understanding core server technologies and architectures
  • Understanding features, functions, and benefits of HPE server solutions and products
  • Positioning HPE server solutions and analyzing the server market to customers
  • Planning and developing HPE server solutions

Tips for Passing the HPE0-S37 Exam

This exam will help you master HPE solutions and you need to prepare for it in the best way possible. Here are tips for passing this certification exam:

  • Take your training seriously

Passing this exam is dependent on how well you master the concepts that are taught to you. Because the concepts are unique to HPE servers and solutions, you need to be able to train in order for you to capture the unique specifications of their solutions in your mind. This means that you cannot skip any stage in your training. You need to ensure you train on everything that is listed in your coursework before you start preparing for the exam.

  • Go through all the course materials

After your training is complete, you need to look for all materials in your course and ensure that you go through them. These materials will give you a blueprint of the exam and help you familiarize yourself with the questions that will be asked in terms of their design and format. You will also get the exam objectives which will help you structure your study to focus on areas that are relevant to the test. When you know what to expect, you are likely to prepare well for it and that is the idea.

  • The questions are experience based

HPE exams are experience based that means most of the questions you will be dealing with will require you to use your work experience to come up with solutions to the problems you encounter in the exam. Every time you try answering practice questions, try to visualize yourself in the work environment and choose an answer that reflects what you would do if that was the case.

  • Read the HPE Preparation Guide

HPE offers the candidates a preparation guide to give them a detailed approach in preparing for their exams. You need to get this guide and read it carefully and follow the preparation steps that have been laid down. The exam content comes from HPE and it is wise for you to follow their recommendations because they are responsible for the questions you will encounter. This will make you comfortable when you approach the test as you have an idea of what is expected of you.

  • Constantly check the HPE Press

If you are preparing for an exam offered by HPE, you need to visit the HPE Press for you to get details of the exam. You will be comfortable using the study materials and the HPE books listed there because they come from a source you can trust. Any notifications concerning changes in the exam can also be found here. This is the place you can get any concerns about the exam addressed and feel confident when you are about to take it.

  • Take advantage of exam simulators

Exam simulators should be your best friend at this point. This is the only way you can determine your readiness for the exam. The questions in the exam are more alike to the questions in the actual exam and you will be practicing for the exam in the best way possible. When you look at it closely, the score you get from practice exams comes close to the score you attain in the actual exam hence you need to take it seriously. The difference in the margin occurs when you go back and polish on the areas that you did not answer correctly. Practice exams also enable you to get used to the exam environment so that you will be comfortable sitting for the exam when the time comes. Another thing is that you will be able to manage your time well by gauging how well you did in terms of answering the questions within the set time. The best practice tests are from the website Prepaway:

  • Ask for help from experts

You may experience challenges when studying and that should not limit your potential for passing the exam. There are accredited training institutions with instructors that will help you navigate those challenges and you need to take advantage of that. Going for the test with so many uncertainties will not help you at all. You will only be raising your anxiety levels and even the little content that has registered in your brain will begin to disappear. You need confidence for you to be your best self and do the exam to the best of your ability. Get your concerns addressed before you take the exam to increase your passing chances.


HPE has study materials for you to help you prepare for the exam and you should check their website to ensure you get the right materials. Develop a system that works for you and latch on to the recommendations in the HPE Prep Guidebook so that you do it right.

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