Now, self-driving cars were thought to be mainstream by the time 2020 came along. And while that might still be a reality, there are a number of problems that car manufacturers, including Apple who aims to bring out self-driven cars soon, need to figure out. In a recent news, a self-driven car didn’t stop even after identifying a pedestrian crossing the road, leading to an eventual fatality. Uber’s self-driven cars have had their own fair share of troubles too, and that does beg the question – how to do you make it right?

The technologies used in the modern car are really transformative and can create a great experience. But not all of them work as intended or are underperforming creating a bad experience. Let’s explore few car technologies that can make you unsatisfied. We are sure you can always try playing your favorite online casino games with an online casino promo to lift up your moods but we are sure you would want your car to work right too. 

Voice Control

Voice control can be a useful thing as you don’t have to take off your eyes from the road and give commands by speaking. But the technology has not always effective and you can have the car opening the sunroof when all you asked was to switch on the radio.

Even accents can make the voice control do crazy things you never asked it to! It will take some time for the car brands to reach the level of Apple’s Siri when it comes to voice commands. 

Autonomous Emergency Braking

It’s one technology that can be quite functional when it comes to saving lives. Your car can sense and react in emergency situations by emergency braking when it faces some obstacles. 

For instance, there were reports of cars identifying plants or hedges as walls and slamming the brakes. It is not something that is worrisome, but can become inconvenient for drivers a lot!

Touch Screens

A car with a touch screen with no buttons- a cool thing you might say! But it can be a nightmare if not done in the correct way. Touch screens should always be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Car manufacturers should take a cue from mobile app developers who are excellent at creating easy to navigate user interfaces like touchscreens. The icons should be big enough and not be cluttered all over the screen making things messy.

The important functions should be easy to access the touch panel and the technology shouldn’t be used as a means to reduce dashboard buttons and cut the cost. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature uses radars or cameras to sense the proximity of the car ahead of you and adjust the speed accordingly to maintain a safe distance between the two vehicles. But this technology also doesn’t seem to work too well as this leads to a car with cruise control coming to a complete halt if another car slows down in front of you.

Slow response rates and snatch brakes make you look like a novice driver and can make you look like a fool to other motorists!

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