Most of us have heard a lot about Bitcoin. It’s an exciting topic, after all, with fortunes being made and lost seemingly overnight. But what most of the articles out there gloss over is that Bitcoin has a practical function.

It was initially meant to be a simple cryptocurrency. And, before it took the world by storm as an investment opportunity, that is what it was – a simple and inexpensive way to make secure payments online.

It took a while for it to gain real traction, but now you have the opportunity to use it for a range of big brand retailers, like NewEgg, Tesla, and Subway. If you want a full list of those who accept the cryptocurrency, check out our infographic.

So, yes, Bitcoin is seen as an investment opportunity, but you can also use it to pay for a wide range of things online. Blow your Bitcoin on your lunch at subway, or save up for that dream trip into space you have always wanted to go on.

That’s right, Richard Branson is also a Bitcoin fan. His company, Virgin Galactic, will allow you to book a seat on the first commercial flight using your bitcoins.

If you are looking for something a little more down to earth to spend your bitcoins on, you can choose to buy a property from Remax instead.

So, it’s completely up to you-you no longer need to hoard your Bitcoin forever. Why not see where you can spend it and indulge in some fun retail therapy?Infographic source

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