PDF is extensively used for daily offer work, and secure personal documents. It’s a reliable format that has been used for a long time. It introduced a better sense of security for our documents. Following, we are going to tackle some common issues while working

Create PDF with no Software

There are users who don’t have PDF software installed on their systems, so how do they open or create a PDF instantly if they need to? Fortunately, there are different ways to create a PDF even if you don’t have specialized software for the job. Following, we are going to explain them:

With Google Chrome: Open Chrome and Press Ctrl+P if you use windows, and Cmd+P if you use Mac. This command opens print settings. Now you need to click “change” and select printer and “Save as PDF” to convert something into a PDF file (mostly Web pages).

Other Browsers: Chrome is not the only browser that lets you create a PDF without any software.  You can install a free plug-in in Firefox, Safari, etc. here are different options available like PDF, Text, DropBox, Google Drive or even Cloud Print.

Web Services: If you want, you can take advantage of web services to convert something into PDF. A web service called “htmlpdf” helps you to secure your documents as they turn them into PDF format.

File Conversion: This is another way to create PDF files from normal documents you can use pdf24 to convert file type from MS Word, PPT to PDF. It’s simple and convenient.

Merge PDF Files Together

In case you have more than one PDF files, and you can merge them into one file, you can easily do it with Web services like mentioned above. You don’t have to rely on paid PDF software to do this simple task.

Editing a PDF File

PDF files are read-only documents; you can’t make any changes to them unless you use the software. We are going to debunk this myth as well because you don’t need expensive software to achieve it, you can easily do it with an offline or online tool.

You can install these tools on your system, or use them as a plugin on your browser. Now you don’t have to go out of your way and purchase or download software that will put your system under heavy load. You can easily edit PDF files with a lightweight tool or plugin.

Translating a PDF Document

If someone sent you a document in Russian or a language, you don’t understand. You don’t need to freak-out. You can easily translate it with the help of Google Translate. Yes, it will take some time, but you have to convert SodaPdf to a text file, copy the text into translate and translate the whole content.

You need to tweak the whole thing until you get what you want.  Once you have to change the whole thing according to your liking, you have to convert it back to a PDF file and secure your changes.