When it comes to casinos, people have plenty of options in terms of variety and choice.  There are land-based casinos where people congregate in person to play casino games such as poker and roulette for real money. When the internet came along, online casinos boomed, with many preferring the convenience of being able to gamble from the comfort of their own homes. Then there has been the rise of smartphones, which have seen mobile casinos become the most popular way to play. Now though, social casinos are starting to take over.

Most brands these days will have a social media presence. Some stick to using just one platform, with the most common being Facebook. In fact, it is Facebook where the most social gambling takes place with an estimated 61% share of the market. Social gambling is literally just gambling on social media, with operators developing and launching games onto these platforms for people to enjoy.

The social casino industry is said to be worth around $2.7 billion but you have to bear in mind; that the overwhelming majority of the games are not only free to download but free to play as well. The fact that the games are free is one of the biggest draws for the millions of people who play these social casino games on a daily basis. Other advantages are that they can play in browser or on the go using apps, they can play from anywhere they like and they still have a great chance to win prizes too.

The real winning point though is the social aspect that is provided. People love playing games with or against their friends, and social casino games only encourage this when they operate on platforms such as Facebook. Zynga Poker, for example, was one of the first gambling games to hit social media and this game provided people with the option to invite friends to games. Not only that, there were leaderboards where players could see just how they compared to their mates when it came to playing Texas Hold ‘Em. So the competitive edge that it develops is also a winning factor too.

Zynga is still one of the big names when it comes to social casinos. It’s moved on from just offering poker, with new apps for slot machine games too. Slotomania is another social casino business that allows players to play the slots for free and it’s estimated that they have over 5 million active users per month. DoubleDown Casino and Big Fish Casino are probably the best all-around casinos in operation on social media, offering card games as well as slots and other casino favorites. Furthermore, mainstream online casino brands like PartyCasino are also successfully incorporating the social aspect via tournaments, competitions, live dealer tables and social media presence.

So that, it is easy to see why social casinos are on the rise. They give people the chance to play games for fun, with or against their friends, on websites and apps that they spend a lot of their spare time on in the first place. Now everything they need is all in the one place. Social casinos are also a great way for people to relax while still keeping their mind stimulated but in a more enjoyable manner.

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