If you’ve ever wanted to become the next Neil Armstrong, now may be the time when you finally get to do it thanks to new company Space Nation. Having ranked recently as number one is the Forbes’ 10 European Growth Businesses to Watch in 2017, this company is set to change the world of astronomy as we know it.

Space Nation partnering with the global venture studio, West in this global astronaut experiences program.  So far it’s proved itself to be very popular indeed and had raised its first million Euros in less than 45 minutes after establishing a new crowdfunding pitch. The company also made history earlier this year when it became the first ever space company to join the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization as an affiliate member.

West will be responsible for the design and execution of the programs in terms of marketing and pulls in its own expertise from some of the best strategists and designers in the industry.

“I was one of those kids who dreamed of becoming an astronaut but felt like it was totally out of reach without a degree in astrophysics and the physical and mental training of an extreme athlete,” said Allison Johnson, Managing Partner at West. “It turns out none of that is true.” Space Nation is all about letting anyone who wants get involved, be involved. It’s about giving opportunities to everyone.

As explained by Space Nation’s CEO Kalle Vaha-Jaakola, “The free Space Nation Astronaut Program means that anyone with a smartphone can have an astronaut training experience.”

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