A new product has been introduced to the world that’s aimed at mothers and fathers with newborn babies and could become your next best friend. It’s called the Tranquilo Mat, and it’s a portable mat that vibrates and soothes your baby on the go. The product has been carefully designed to help your newborn in that transition from womb to real world.

Babies miss the sound and comfort they get from their mother’s womb, and the Tranquilo Mat is there to provide a nice alternative. Pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp discovered through his work with newborns that most babies can be soothed by a simple ‘shushing’ and motion that mimics being inside a womb. But constantly driving around the block or bouncing up and down for hours on end can take its toll. That’s where the idea for Tranquilo Mat was born.

The inventor of the Tranquilo Mat is a maternity nurse and mother and knows all too well how a restless baby can be a nightmare for a parent. So, using techniques she had learned early on in her career, Melissa decided to design the Tranquilo Mat to give parents that helping hand that they all need from time to time.

With the Tranquilo Mat, your baby gets all the comfort it needs with its white noise and soothing vibrations. Having been designed to mimic the mother’s womb it quickly activates the baby’s calming response when put into use. It’s easy to use for naps or at bedtime and has proved to be particularly helpful for babies suffering from colic. The mat comes in two sizes too. There’s a large mat that is perfect for laying on top of a mattress, activity gym or any other hard surface, or there’s the smaller mat that’s portable and can be placed in a car seat or even just in your arms.

There are three speeds of vibration to choose from with the Tranquilo Mat as well as two heartbeat modes that emit sounds and motion similar to that what a baby would experience while in their mother’s womb. It’s also cord-free and battery-free and can last up to 60 hours on just one charge depending on its size and setting. So, if you’re in desperate need of a few hours sleep, and want to give your newborn the comfort and reassurance they need, check out the Tranquilo Mat and see how it transforms your life.

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