I am sure by now that almost everyone is familiar, at least with the existence, of Apple and their iOS system. As one of the leaders in the mobile device industry, it is safe to assume that there is quite a bit of interest from developers in learning how to create an iOS app. Apple is known to have quite a few restrictions on their apps, so make sure you know what these restrictions are before you start. We will be looking into some of the basics a person needs to get on their way to creating their very first Apple app with either a Mac or a Windows PC.

The first way we will be looking at, is for anyone with a Mac computer. Since Apple makes Mac, it is obvious that this is the ideal way to create Apple apps and has much more programs and resources available for a developer. Xcode is Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and it contains a wide range of software development tools that have been created for the purpose of making software apps. With constant improvements being done to it, Xcode has become a platform that is quick and responsive and it understands the code better than ever before. Within this environment, you will need to use Apple’s programming language, Swift.

It is now an open source language, and as one of the fastest growing languages ever, it is safe to assume that more and more resources will become available for developers as libraries are continually created and added on. Apple also has an API that grants access to a graphics processing unit(GPU) called Metal. This will grant a developer a way to maximize the graphics for their app. Once you have all these things at your fingertips and are ready to learn, it is easy to find places such as Coursera or Code School which will walk you through the steps in creating your first app.

The other way we will look into would be creating an iOS app on a Windows PC. Without a Mac computer, iOS development used to be quite a challenge but with advances in the last couple of years, Windows has made this a much easier task than it was previously. The first thing you will need is an IDE to use in the development of your apps and I believe Visual Studio is hands down the best one to use for iOS development. Now once you have Visual Studio, you will be needing an extension that can be used to create an iOS app. Xamarin allows you to develop your apps in C#, and now with Xamarin Live Player a developer is able to deploy, run, test, and debug iOS apps on their Windows PC. Because Xamarin is fully integrated into Visual Studio, you will still receive all capabilities you would expect out of your IDE. As Microsoft has the blessing of Apple for this functionality, the days of needing a Mac computer to comfortably program iOS apps are behind us as Windows has bridged the gap and is ever improving on these capabilities.

As the world continually strives for technology that is freely open to the public, and as we advance with software applications, we are seeing more and more ways that were once confined to certain areas of development, become open to endless possibilities without limits. This should make anyone that endeavors to create iOS apps optimistic with the future as it is now a much easier process to begin then just a few years back, which in turn should lead to a wider range of iOS apps as well as improvements to the development quality we should expect to see in the future.

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