If you’re an avid winter sports fan, then this new product that’s emerged may be just the thing for you. Drift Boards is a new craze to hit the slopes and will get you across the snow in no time at all. They’re a kind of combination between snowshoes and snowboards and are perfect for trailing across the deepest of snow. The idea came from a couple of snowboarders themselves who wanted a more efficient way for people to access the beautiful backcountry.

Although Drift Boards are largely based on snowboards and snowshoes they have many advantages over them. Firstly, they are far more efficient than split boards as you can carry the weight on your back opposed to your feet when climbing those steep terrains.  Secondly, there are no latches or bindings to sort out, making them very convenient and quick to put on. They work with any soft boot and can easily fit in the trunk or even a backpack. Unlike snowshoes, Drift Boards allow you to glide opposed to stepping and the board’s narrow shape makes them a lot easier to maneuver around in. They’re also much lighter than many snowshoes or skis.

So, if you see yourself trailing the backcountry this winter and want to make your life that little bit easier, why not check out Drift Boards on Kickstarter now. For as little as $305 you can reserve your very own pair of Drift Boards, saving a massive $95 of the retail value. Deliveries are expected to go out in January so will just in time to hit the slopes.

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