Most people like some jewelry or another. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. But, buying jewelry online can often be a nightmare because how do you know what it’s going to look like on? Well, thanks to Bezel Jewelry, things may have just become a whole lot easier in this department.

When ordering a Bezel item of jewelry you can actually calculate your ring size using the app and a ring you already own that fits. There’s even a chance to see what it looks like on with the 3D try-on feature. This innovative feature could well revolutionize the online jewelry industry once people begin to notice it.

The way it works is like this:

  1. Get the Bezel app from either the Apple or Android app store and register an account.
  2. Have a browse through the Bezel jewelry catalog.
  3. Choose your desired item.
  4. Tap the 3D try-on feature and follow the instructions to scan your hand.
  5. Use the digital ring sizing or enter ring size manually.
  6. Complete purchase.
  7. Your custom jewelry is then 3D printed and shipped straight to you.

It’s a pretty neat concept and probably the most innovative feature is the patented digital sizing API that allows you to order your ring online with a 99% accuracy. Simple enough to use, you simply place a ring you already own a credit card then take a photo of it using the Bezel app. That’s it! The app then proceeds to calculate your ring size with a 99% accuracy. It’s the first mobile application of its kind. The other big selling point for Bezel jewelry is the 3D Try-On feature that’s available. With this feature, you can literally try on the ring as if it were in front of you at the store. Just select the item of jewelry you like, and tap the “Try This On” toggle. Bezel then displays the ring on your finger right in front of you using augmented reality.

You can support the project @Kickstarter

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