Whether you’re driving or not the Waylens Secure360 Automotive Camera keeps your vehicle safe. When the vehicle’s moving the camera continuously captures footage in every direction. It also helps with parking by using radar, an accelerometer, and GPS to alert you to anything unusual. If anything is detected as being strange the camera will automatically turn itself on and begin recording. There’s also a 4G model available that will enable you to receive real-time alerts and stream your video in real-time too.

The Secure360 works hard to protect your car whether you’re inside or out. If anything strange is detected, the Secure360 will notify you immediately on your smartphone, allowing you to see what’s happening in real-time. It works by utilizing a suite of advanced low-power sensors to monitor your vehicle’s surroundings and watch for any unusual movement and is one of the best dash cams available.

Having already surpassed its initial funding goal of $60,000, the Waylens Secure360 is proving to be very popular. With over, a week still to go it’s already over the $300,000 mark. Starting at just $149 you too can get your hands on one of these little beauties, saving yourself a massive $100 off the retail price. You won’t have to wait too long for it either as shipments are expected to go out in December this year. So, if you’re needing a camera to protect your vehicle, Waylens Secure360 just might be the option for you this winter.

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