There’s no getting away from the electric transportation hype that’s coming our way. As well as cars and trucks, motorbikes are jumping on the E-wagon. Hot off the press and ready to make a difference in this area is California-based Monday Motorbikes whose first introduction into this zero emissions market is the M1.

The M1 moped is a marvel in itself. It’s packed with features including regenerative brakes, full front and rear suspension, and quick change battery packs that last a whopping 40 miles. And, just in case the batteries do go flat, the M1 also hosts a completely separate pedal drive so you won’t be left stranded.

With its stylish yet functional drivetrain, there are no gears to shift, no clutch to grab, and its ultra low maintenance. You also get an intuitive dash on the M1 that displays real time feedback on power consumption, a keyless entry system, a handy USB port, and a fantastic lithium-ion battery system.

In terms of maintenance for the M1, there are no oil or spark plugs to change, and brake pads can last indefinitely. Its brushless DC motor is rated for 400,000 miles and its regenerative braking system ensures that every time you put on the brakes you put energy back into the batteries, extending your range even further. And, for all you techies out there, you also get GPS, Bluetooth, and Cloud connectivity.

The M1 is available to reserve now for as little as $250, with a $4,550 balance to pay at a later date. A range of accessories are also available to order including a rear view mirror set, an extra 5-hour smart charger, and passenger pegs.

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