The Vinpok Bolt Brings back Magnetic Safety to Power Cords

Apple’s MagSafe power cords, launched alongside the newest MacBooks in 2006, was groundbreaking in as much as a power cord can be. It provided not only ease of use in correctly aligning pins between the laptop and cord but also a measure of safety in its detachability. Previously if a cord was tripped over or tugged on, it could damage the power cord, the cord port on the device, or the entire laptop itself if it’s pulled off a table top or lap.

However, in 2015 Apple made the switch to USB-C style power cords and no longer offered the MagSafe feature. Now, the Vinpok Bolt, designed by a team of Apple devotees, is offering the public a chance to get back the safety of a magnetic power cord in their USB-C powered devices.

An IndieGoGo project, the Vinpok Bolt works with any USB-C device and is the first device of its type to offer the 87W charging capabilities for the 15-inch MacBook.

The Bolt measures 6.6 feet (2m) long and has two parts: the magnetic tip the plugs into the computer charging port and the cord that magnetically attaches to it. The magnetic tip is made with the smallest size of magnet available and matches the sleek design of Apple products, contrary to similar competitors which have bulky connectors. When the cord is pulled or tugged on it safely separates from the device, leaving the magnetic tip in the laptop or cell and keeping your expensive electronic device free of drops or damaged power ports.

Honestly, there appears to be no downside to this product. It’s already far exceeded its original goal, raising over $98,000 from over $2,000 backers and production beings in September  The Bolt matches the power of the current Apple adapter charging cords, and it is usable with any USB-C to USB-C charged device, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel, the Microsoft Surface Book, the Lenovo ThinkPad, and more.  It’s available in silver and black to match the most common device colors.

Although the retail value of the Vinpok Bolt is $50, the crowdsourcing price is currently $24 for one power cord and tip, $47 for two, or $115 for 5. Prices for comparable prices range from $30 to $40 but none of them are compatible with the 15” Macbook and the 6.6-foot cord. For the safety of mind that comes with the magnetic detachability and the wide compatibility across devices, any of the introductory price points are a great deal for the Vinpok Bolt.

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