Meet Root – The Robot That Will Teach You Coding in No Time!

This versatile coding robot is like no other in the world. Unlike others, Root is a coding robot that is suitable for people of all ages. The robot itself offers a unique, creative environment in which to learn. It reacts to things in the environment while people react with the robot, all the while being orchestrated by code.

Root can be programmed to turn, move, play music, sense touch, draw, erase, feel bumps, light up, scan colors, perceive light, detect magnetic surfaces and respond to sensors fitted in your tablet or phone. The interface is simple yet powerful, and the app supports coder of any age and experience. With Root, you can experience coding in real-time and get to play around with loops, events, and complex robot behaviors.

There’s also a multi-level app that translates programs written in one level to the next, so as your coding skills improve you are effectively moved up a level where you will learn more complicated tasks. A brief explanation of each level is as follows:

– Level 1:  This is the beginners level that presents users with a graphical interface that anyone of any age can comprehend. It’s designed includes colored blocks to make things stand out and easy to understand. Here you will learn about loops, functions, events, priorities, sequences, debugging, states, program stepping, and timing.

– Level 2:  This level introduces some of the more advanced features of coding such as advanced flow control statements, variables, recursion, sensor values, parallelism, units, and arithmetic operations.

– Level 3:  Here the interface is fully text-based and introduces the user to programming languages such as Python, Swift, and JavaScript. It takes information learned from the previous levels and teaches users to build powerful programs with it.

Root is still available on Kickstarter at the moment, but I would get in there quick if you do want one. Having already smashed their initial goal of raising $250,000, supplies are becoming limited. But, if you do have a spare $195 you may still be in time to secure yourself a bargain.

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