Experience Diving Without All the Scuba Gear With AirBuddy

For many people, there’s no better feeling than that of diving into the ocean without a care in the world and swimming with some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Some of the views you get when diving are absolutely spectacular and like nothing else, you will ever experience.  But, for some people, it’s the thought of having to put on all the gear and lug the equipment around with you that takes some of the fun away and inevitably puts some of them off before they’ve even tried it. However, that could all change very soon.

AirBuddy is a very useful gadget that aims to take away some of those worries and lets you dive safely without any heavy equipment weighing you down. Its makeup is simple and consists of a single mouthpiece and a floating air compressor on the surface. This system will not replace scuba diving in any form, but instead, offers a product that allows the user to experience something similar and is a step up from snorkeling. While it won’t offer the same control, precision, and depth you get with scuba diving, it will offer a solution that’s much more convenient and flexible in shallow waters.

The way it works is by having a powerful, floating air compressor that stays on the surface of the water at all times and has been designed in a way that it’s almost impossible to capsize. The rechargeable battery will allow the user up to 45 minutes if air at a depth of 12 meters. An extendable supply hose then connects the compressor to the mouthpiece.  And that’s it! It’s as simple as that.

AirBuddy has already exceeded it’s $169,000 goal on Kickstarter, so hopefully, it won’t be too long before you can get your hands on one. Deliveries are expected to go out by next Summer, so if you are looking to have a go at something new and a little different then maybe AirBuddy is for you. But, unless you’ve got a spare £2,043, you may want to stick to the snorkel for now.

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