Show You’re Safe Should When the Worst Happen Near You

No one likes to be caught in an emergency situation and not knowing how to let people know you’re safe can be distressing for both sides. Following the recent attack in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert, some organizations, including Facebook, have taken measures to ensure users have a way of informing their loved ones that they’re safe should the need arise.

As scary as it may be for the person who’s present at the horrific event, such as a bomb attack, it’s also a nightmare for those loved ones who know someone they love’s in the vicinity at that time but don’t know if they’re safe. The Facebook Safety Check feature is a great way to try and ensure that doesn’t happen. It’s automatically activated when “a lot of people are talking about the incident”, and an alert is received from “global crisis reporting agencies NC4 and iJET International.” When it’s turned on, it will automatically ask users to confirm their safety based on their location, reports from independent agencies, and the content of updates from users in that area.

Apple too takes security seriously and aims to protect its users with the Find My Friends app. This app lets you share your location with anyone that has iOS 8 or newer running.  Here you will get a map displayed of where you are along with the locations of all your friends if they’ve allowed that to be shared with you. Google’s security feature is very similar and is called Trusted Contacts.  It works very much the same as Apple’s Find My Friends app in that you Pick which friends you want to share your location with, but this one you have to download yourself.

Unfortunately, attacks do happen and it’s important to know not only how to keep yourself safe, but how to tell others you’re safe too. So, whether it’s Facebook, Google, Apple, or another provider of your choice make sure you’re prepared and ready to alert others should you find yourself in any uncertain situation.

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