New Innovative Camper Makes an Impression

EarthCruiser EXP is the name for this new, funky, innovative camper that’s all set to take the world by storm. It offers more space and light than your traditional camper as the roof expands at the push of a button. There are also a number of other features included in this camper that make living life on the open road an even better experience.

This camper is great for using as a funky, little getaway vehicle or for more long-term use.  It’s completely off the grid and could provide an affordable form of housing for those who want or need it. The vehicle is based on a 4×4 chassis, giving it a strong, durable body, and although it’s just 257 inches wide it proves the perfect size for parking and fits nicely into shipping containers for easy delivery too. On top of the frame is a body made of fiberglass composite that’s lightweight but strong and provides a perfect insulation material.

One of the best features of the EarthCruiser EXP has to be (in my opinion) the expandable rooftop that opens up a staggering 24 inches to provide extra room on the inside. It also comes equipped with a two-panel solar array that’s installed neatly on the roof along with a battery that can last for up to 10 days and will alert you if its energy level drops below 50%. With this kind of system, there is no need for a portable generator. And there’s even an onboard water-purification system in which to transform almost any water into a clean, safe, drinkable source. What more could you possibly want?

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