Find the Perfect Job With Google’s Machine Learning AI

Google wants everyone to have the perfect job for them and that’s what it’s set out to help with thanks to its new powerful job searching tool. It’s called Google for Jobs and was revealed just recently at this year’s Google I/O conference in Mountain View, California.  During the keynote presentation by Google, the tool was demoed to give the audience a much better understanding of what they had on the cards with this thing.

There’s a quick search function that will bring up a list of all nearby positions you’re looking for which can then be filtered further by title, category, or commute times to name a few.  You can even switch on job alerts based on whatever criteria you set. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during the presentation, “Just like we focused our contributions on teachers and students through Google for Education, we want to better connect employers and job seekers.”

Pichai also advised how the company has made large investments in the developing of a machine learning based solution in the form of a cloud jobs API. So far it’s produced promising results during testing and just one company alone, Johnson & Johnson, reported an 18 percent rise in applicants through the use of Google’s API. The number of employers now using the API has grown as well, but the real magic is when job seekers use Google Search to find their desired position. “We realized the first step for many people when they start looking for a job is searching on Google,” says Pichai. “So we built a new feature in search with the goal that no matter who you are, or what kind or job you’re looking for, you can find the job postings that are right for you.”

Google for Jobs will work for all kinds of employee types and wage levels, as well as those that have previously been difficult to search for. Also, because the company has employed the use of machine learning to build their API, you’ll also get included in your list jobs that are the same as what you’re searching for but may be called something slightly different in their advertisement. That way you’re not missing out on any jobs that are relevant to your search. “Whether you’re at a community college looking for a barista job, a teacher who’s relocating across the country and you want teaching jobs, or someone who’s looking for work in construction, the product should do a great job of bringing that information to you,” confirms Pichai. The feature should be available to US users within the next few weeks, with the rest of the world to follow after that.

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