Are These Mini Spherical Reactors the Answer to Fusion Energy’s Problems?

2030 could be an exciting year for scientists is UK-based company Tokamak Energy has anything to do with it. It’s been a long time coming, but scientists have finally found a way to replicate the sun’s ability to produce energy via nuclear fusion but with the help of mini reactors. These little devices make it possible to accelerate tests and will hopefully be available commercially by 2030.

We’ve always had difficulty producing nuclear fusion here on Earth because it requires such high pressures and temperatures. And although scientists have broken many a record on the path to fusion energy for everyone, we’ve still got a very long way to go. One of the latest milestones’ to be achieved was a 70-second burst of high-performing plasma operation, so you ca see why we’re not quite there yet. But Tokamak Energy may just bring us once step closer to achieving fusion energy on Earth thanks to their mini tokamaks.

These mini reactors can “achieve a much higher plasma pressure for a given magnetic field than conventional tokamaks,” said the company recently. They also claim that being smaller makes the tokamaks more efficient. As of April this year, Tokamak Energy now has three reactors under its belt, which is not bad for just five years in operation. The company’s main aim is to be the first to offer a commercially viable fusion solution in about 10 years time.

Tokamak Energy CEO, David Kingham, commented, “We still need significant investment, many academic and industrial collaborations, dedicated and creative engineers and scientists, and an excellent supply chain. Our approach continues to be to break the journey down into a series of engineering challenges, raising additional investment on reaching each new milestone. We are already halfway to the goal of fusion energy, with hard work we will deliver fusion power at commercial scale by 2030.” So, watch this space.

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