AI Will Take Your Job Away? Try to Learn These Programming Languages

For the past 30 years or so, it’s all been about computers. With the introduction of desktop PC’s, to laptops, to iPads, and all the other computing devices we now have available to us.  For all these devices we need software, and for all that software, we need top class developers. There are many different programming languages that can be used today to make programs… Some work better than others at certain tasks, and some are much easier to learn than others. But one thing many programming languages have in common is that if you do manage to learn it you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have a job for life.  If you are looking to get into programming, or are already involved but want to learn more, then keep reading for 16 of the most popular languages out there that will ensure you’ve always got a job.

1.  Java:  Java has been around since 1991 and is still one of the most popular programming languages out there.  Lots of business software is based on Java and Android app development relies heavily upon it.

2.  C: Having been created in the 1970’s, C is one of the oldest programming languages to still be used.

3.  Python:  Python dates back to 1989 and is often used as a first choice because of its highly readable code.  Many programmers also believe it’s the easiest to start with too.

4.  PHP:  Although it’s an incredibly popular programming language, and is estimated that as many as one-third of all programs on the web are built using PHP, many programmers still hate it and feel it’s simply a collection of bits and pieces rather than a whole comprehensive program.

5.  Visual Basic:  Visual Basic and Visual brings an element of graphics to the table in an attempt to make programming easier to learn.  It may be old, but is still used by many a programmer.

6.  JavaScript:  This programming language is primarily used in web apps and runs much of the modern web.  However, JavaScript’s often slated for slowing down browsers and not being great in terms of security.

7.  R:   R is the preferred programming language for statisticians and anyone who works analyzing data.

8.  Go:  One of the fastest growing programming languages out there, Go was originally designed by Google to build systems big enough to cope with the world’s busiest search engine.

9.  Ruby:  Another of the oldies, Ruby is well liked because it’s easy to read and write the code.  It first appeared in 1993 and its official motto is “A programmer’s best friend.”

10.  Groovy:  Groovy is an offshoot of Java that was released in 2007.  It was designed to make coding easier and faster and IBM, Google, and Target are all big fans.

11. Objective-C:  A successor of C, this programming language is still more popular than Apple’s Swift.

12.  Perl:  Perl was developed in the late 1980’s by a NASA engineer.  Developers like the language as it’s powerful, flexible, and excels at processing text.  It may not be the most elegant of languages but is great at holding websites together.

13.  Pascal:  Pascal was the language of the original Apple Macintosh computers and the foundation for Object Pascal.

14.  Delphi Object Pascal:  Created in 1986 at Apple, Delphi is becoming a popular choice once again; this time for building smartphone apps.

15.  Swift:  The Apple Swift programming language is one of the fastest, easiest ways to build an iPhone app, and with IBM now onboard, it’s likely to become even more widely used.

16.  MATLAB:  A programming language designed for mathematicians and used by various scientists, engineers and programmers working in image processing or other AI applications.

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