Lowdown on The Farthest: NASA’s Documentary about the First Interstellar Spacecraft

The Farthest is a new documentary that features the 40-year journey of NASA’s first interstellar spacecraft. But rather than being some boring, over informed piece that sends everyone to sleep, this documentary is amiable and upbeat and often shows the director and interviewees sharing a joke.  It takes a look at the two dozen members of the original Voyager team and tells the unique story of how the first ever spacecraft got started, where is went, and what’s happening with it today.

Just to give you a little more to go on before you go and watch it for yourself, it shows the two Voyager probes and what they set out to achieve, what they managed to find out about outer planets, how politics and journalism reacted at the time and just what it was like, in general, to be included in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory projects during the 70’s and 80’s when the probes achieved their main goals. It also delves into the human emotion side of things and how important certain personalities were to the mission.

Technical details have been left to a minimum in the documentary as to not put people off.  But, viewers still get a great insight into the real trials and tribulations of the mission, especially as there’s a heavy focus on pictures taken by the Voyager of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.  Although not much is said about the actual experiments performed onboard the spacecraft, it does feature heavily on the Golden Record – an album of pictures and music thrown together and sent on both Voyagers to represent human life to any aliens that may have been passing by the probes one day.

As far as what it should be rated, it is pretty tame although there are a couple of instances where you see a little bit of skin.  Other than that it’s G-rated all the way.  If you are interested in watching it you’ve got a little longer to wait but will eventually debut on PBS on Wednesday, August 23rd.

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