Human Emotion Defines Reality and Shapes the World Around Us

Three different teams of scientists carried out three different studies to prove something truly amazing – that human emotion is what shapes the world around us. The first experiment involved scientists placing human DNA that was in a sealed container next to the test subject to see how their emotions affected their DNA in the other room. The researchers discovered that the DNA would tighten in the presence of negative emotions and relax in the presence of positive ones. They came to the conclusion that, “Human emotion produces effects which defy conventional laws of physics.”

The second experiment involved scientists extracting white blood cells from donors and placing them in chambers so electrical changes could be measured. Here, the donor sat in one room while emotionally stimulated by various video clips. The DNA was placed somewhere else in the building. The results of this experiment showed that as the donor exhibited emotional peaks or troughs so did the DNA, at exactly the same time. To test just how far they could separate the donor from the DNA and still get the same response, the researchers put 50 miles between them. And still, they got the same result. They concluded that donor and DNA have a link that goes far beyond time and space.

Experiment number three proved something shocking. Researchers observed how DNA really has an effect on our physical world. In this test, light photons were observed inside a vacuum showing how their natural locations are completely random. Human DNA was then added to the vacuum. Suddenly these photons are no longer behaving randomly but following precisely the geometry of the DNA. The team thus concluded that human DNA does, in fact, shape the behavior of light photons and all that makes up the world as we know it.

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