Meet Flying Eye – The World’s First Broadcast Quality 6K VR Drone

Drones are becoming very popular and are being used in all kinds of situations. The same can be said for VR. Now combine the two, and you get Flying Eye, the world’s first broadcast quality 6K VR drone. This thing is mega cool and is capable of streaming live, 6K, 360-degree video across a range of five miles. Making it one of, if not the best, advanced live-streaming drone out there.

One of the drone’s amazing features was designed exclusively by 360 Designs and is called Breeze. This wireless transmission system allowed VR to be streamed live and shared with anyone, almost anywhere via sites such as YouTube and Facebook, or through VR headsets. CEO of 360 Designs, Alx Klive, said, “We wanted to create a broadcast-quality live 360 drone platform for professionals so that they can create stunning live VR productions, with or without the drone in the shot. The sky is no longer the limit.”

Drones like Flying Eye are set to become even more popular soon as the world begins to turn towards 360 videos for all their media consumption. This would include things like seeing the news or entertainment at a 360-degree angle to get a real feel of what’s going on. Other great features of this drone include one of the best 360 cameras in the business in the form of the Mini EYE 3, and low latency, broadcast-grade 6K video. You also won’t need to string any footage together as Flying Eye offers automated live stitching. And perhaps the best quality of all is that it takes just one person to operate it.

The Flying Eye is available for sale but is not for the faint-hearted, and unless you have a healthy bank balance and can afford the $75,000 price tag, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting your hands on one anytime soon.

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