Is the World Ready for a New Kind of Physics?

A new video available shows CERN physicist John Ellis describing how the standard model of the universe relies upon the Higgs Boson. He also takes a moment to discuss what to expect next in physics and also why we’re desperately in need for a new kind of physics where quantum effects and new discoveries are reconciled.

The Higgs Boson is relied upon as part of the Standard Model of particle physics because of all the cosmic DNA in the universe that needs something to give it mass. If there was no mass, we would not exists, electrons would speed away from neutrons at the speed of light, and there would be no atoms in which to build anything.But, that’s ok, because at least we have the Higgs Boson and Higgs field to fill in our gap in knowledge. However, since scientists confirmed their existence in 2013 the scientific community are very keen to have other burning questions answered such as why does dark matter exist or what’s the difference between matter and antimatter?

To find out in more detail what you can expect from the world of physics in the new future, why not check out Ellis’ video in which he will take you through the importance of creating a new physics that will help us to merge the effects of quantum mechanics with what we already know about the universe. And, he’ll also describe the problems with empty space, the difficulties physicists face when trying to calculate quantum effects, and new discoveries that are just on the horizon.

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