Reusable Rockets are the New ‘In Thing’ Apparently, Russian Wants Them too

Following the success of SpaceX’s success, the Russian space agency, Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, has decided that it too wants to get involved in the developing of reusable rockets after it saw the success that SpaceX had achieved. This comes as a bit of a surprise across the nation. Although many people recognize that SpaceX’s has sparked a lot of interest in rocket programs across the globe, no one was expecting this.

Just last month there was a successful reusable launch at the Kennedy Space Center. “The innovations SpaceX is making are forcing us to work on lowering the cost price and raising the product quality,” commented Roscosmos chief Igor Komarov. He continued, “We are running pilot projects in the sphere of retrievable components. We have engines which can work multiple numbers of times, for example, Engine 191 and the engine for Angara [rocket]. We will also be using the potential of retrievable rocket components.” Introduced in 2014, The Angara is Russia’s latest rocket series that is supposed to be good enough to compete on a global level.


Only back in the 1960’s did reusable rockets seem like a distant dream, whereas today, they’re here as part of our reality. There are various other organizations and countries jumping on this bandwagon too, along with SpaceX and Roscosmos. Both Jeff Bezos and his Blue Shepard company, and China are looking to invest heavily in reusable rockets, so watch this space and let the race begin.

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