Can the New ” Light Phone ” Cure Our Smartphone Addiction?

Creative Commons via Flickr

Many people rely on their smartphones to make and receive a call, to text, to take photos, to send emails…  the list goes on. Some people rely on them a little too much and that can lead to what’s known as smartphone addiction. To try and counteract this issue, a new product has been created that takes things back to basics and makes a mobile phone a mobile phone again without all the other distracting features that smartphones provide us with.

The Light Phone will keep you connected to your ‘smartphone’ contacts, but without all the other distractions that come with it. When anyone calls your normal smartphone number it will be diverted to your Light Phone. Any calls you make will look like you’re using your normal number too. The whole concept began around two years after getting funded on Kickstarter and will be available to purchase this month for $150 plus a $5 monthly fee.

With its very own SIM card, there is no need for the Light Phone to be anywhere near your smartphone in order for it to work. And it’s simplicity has got to be admired. It makes calls; it receives calls; that’s it!  If a call is left unanswered a female robotic voice will eventually say, “I am using my Light Phone and am currently unavailable”, before hanging up.

However, the simplicity of the Light Phone might be a bit of a facade in that you have to hook it up to a computer to set it up or change the speed dial contacts. Call forwarding is a bit of a long winded process to set up too.  However, once you get over those glitches, you begin to enjoy the simpler side of life again; one that’s not filled with apps, social media, and emails.

The Light Phone may not be the most sophisticated of phones, and may not give you the best call quality, but then that’s not what it’s designed to do.  It was created to solve a problem – to tear people away from the complexity of smartphones – and give them the chance to enjoy the finer things in life once again.  But, beware of the short battery life.  After just a few phone calls and around 24 hours later, the fully charged phone was down to about 20 percent.  So, the Light Phone may not have all the bells and whistles that your regular smartphone does, but at least it will spare you from spending too much time staring at your screen and save yourself from smartphone addiction.

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