Fixing Your iPhone’s Battery Drain Issues Following a Software Update

Software updates are great, but one of the downsides to them is that they can drain your battery afterward due to old or out-of-date settings from previous versions. But don’t fret as there is a way to fix this without going to buy a new battery.  Just follow the steps below and your phone will be back to normal in no time at all.

1.  Manage your location settings:  Allowing others to access your location is one of the biggest battery drains on an iOS device. Just check your settings and make sure that any apps you no longer want to use your location are disabled or removed.

2.  Recalibrate the battery:  First charge your device 100% then discharge the device until it turns itself off. Then put it back in charge and get it back to 100% without any interruptions. Once the device is fully charged perform a hard reboot by holding down the power/sleep button and the home button simultaneously until a restart occurs. Then, as soon as the device reboots, release the buttons. Your battery will now be recalibrated.

3.  Hard reboot:  You may want to try this first instead of calibrating the battery as sometimes just rebooting it can make all the difference. Just follow the same steps as described in the previous step to do a hard reboot.

4.  Reset settings:  If you have a Touch ID or password on your device you will need to enter it first.  You’ll then be given a chance to change your mind if you wish by choosing to continue or cancel. Once you hit continue, the device will reboot and all personal settings such as sounds, privacy settings, notifications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be removed.

5.  Clean install:  This is only to be done as a last resort if all else fails. This will ensure old settings and apps are left behind with the older version of iOS. To do this follow the overview from the Apple Support website.

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