Newly Discovered Solar System Could Reveal Exotic Alien Lifeforms

Photo Credit: Nolannasser.Deviantart

Not only do we have aliens to contend with but now top NASA stargazers suggest there are ‘exotic’ alien lifeforms out there too thriving under the skies in distant worlds afar. This month saw the space agency announcing they’d spotted no less than seven planets orbiting a star named TRAPPIST-1. What NASA’s scientists are trying to do now is figure out if these planets are abundant with aliens or not.

So far not much has been given away with some NASA experts saying the planets “could harbor exotic lifeforms, thriving under skies of ruddy twilight.” But, on the flip side, they could also be barren wastelands with no chance at all of being a home to anything. “A bumper crop of Earth-size planets huddled around an ultra-cool, red dwarf star could be little more than chunks of rock blasted by radiation, or cloud-covered worlds as broiling hot as Venus,” explained NASA.

Orbiting the habitable zone of the star TRAPPIST-1, astronomers discovered three Earth-like planets. NASA advised, “Recent findings suggest life would have an uphill battle on a planet close to a red dwarf, largely because such stars are extremely active in their early years – shooting off potentially lethal flares and bursts of radiation.”

But, that’s not a definite no to life existing on at least one of the planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1. As a senior research scientist at the NASA Ames Research Centre, Tom Barclay, suggests “life can often bounce back from disasters.” So, until we’ve had the chance to explore much deeper into these new discoveries, who can honestly say if life does or doesn’t exist there?

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