Future Technology We Can Look Forward to in the Next 25 Years

Technology advances at a phenomenal rate. The things you had when you were young that seemed really cool at the time are not out of fashion and being sold for antiques in some cases. There are many strong predictions for technology that will hit our market by 2040 that go beyond the likes of an autonomous car. Keep reading to check out some of the best we can certainly look forward to seeing in the next 20 years or so.

  • Utility fog:  These are tiny robots that replicate physical structures and are in the self-reconfiguring modular robotics class and is one of the main aims in the advancing of nanotechnology.

  • Smart contact lenses:  These lenses will literally improve the quality of people’s lives by effectively monitoring eye pressure levels and glucose levels and sending that real time data direct to the patient’s doctor.  Wearers will also experience better night vision and some will also include auto-focusing lenses that will let older people focus between near and far distances more easily.
Credit: Verily Life Sciences
  • Wireless cars:  Wireless power transfer is something that was thought up by Nikola Tesla more than a century ago, and now it looks like it could finally become a reality.  Well, sometime in the next 25 years anyway. The process has already started and this kind of technology can be seen in smartphone charging where no cords are needed.  Take this one step further, and we can apply the same technology to cars, robots, or any other electrical device you can think of.

  • The Matrix:  Many people believe it’s quite possible for us all to live in virtual world, similar to that in the blockbuster Keanu Reeves movie, The Matrix. With nanotechnology advancing as it is we could soon find ourselves plugged into systems via chips playing out a role in a simulated world.

  • Domestic robots:  Experts suggest that around 2030 we’ll begin to see proper household robots that will be able to help effectively with the daily the chores.

  • Non-flying cars:  Although we won’t yet be riding around in spaceships like something out of “The Jetsons” in the next 25 years, we will be using self-driving cars like their the norm.  The ‘Internet of Things’ will also play its part here where it will allow users to order a cheap ride and share it with others through the click of a few buttons.

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