There’s Still A Long Way To Go Before Humans Can Successfully Colonize on Mars

No one said it would be easy, that’s for certain.  But, are organizations as ready as they claim to be when it comes to getting set for launching a mission to Mars where we begin to colonize? Various companies and organizations are making plans for this to happen, but how close are they really to achieving this monumental feat?

NASA plans to get humans to Mars by the 2030’s and are working alongside various organizations to try and make that happen. Elon Musk is also looking to send humans to Mars through his company, SpaceX. The UAE say they’ll have a Mars Colony by 2117.  Even the Mars Foundation is looking to create a permanent human settlement on Mars, through a non-profit approach.

But, the challenges they will all face in achieving this are significant, and some even say it will be impossible to support human life up there. Konrad Szocik, lead author and the University of Information Technology and Management cognitive scientist, said, “We cannot simulate the same physical and environmental conditions to reconstruct the Martian environment, I mean such traits like Martian micro gravitation or radiation exposure.  Consequently, we cannot predict physical and biological effects of humans living on Mars.”

Several suggestions have been made over the years as to how we can terraform Mars, but with each suggestion comes several issues. NASA scientists have thought about making a magnetic shell to ward off radiation, but when it comes down to it, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and some even suggest it would be easier to alter the composition of humans rather than the atmosphere on Mars. Szocik also points out that maintaining life on Mars would also be difficult as we’d need a colony large enough to avoid consanguinity as well as adequate medical supplies and technology to support them.

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