8 Industries That Will Be Most Affected By Machine Learning

Machine learning programs are being developed all around us. From self-driving cars to parking ticket robots, machine learning applications are popping up everywhere, but over the course of the next few years, there are some industries that will be affected more than others by this growth in machine learning techniques. As predicted by Forbes Technology Council, the top 8 industries to feel this change are as follows:

  • Fully Automated Transportation:  It’s inevitable that the transportation industry will be revolutionized by machine learning in the near future, and is already nearly there.
  • Financial Markets:  Changes are already being made in the financial industry that involves seeing human workers be replaced by robots that can do the job more efficiently.
  • Retail and Customer Service:  Both online and offline sales will be affected by machine learning in a big way as essentially machines are better in this area because they’re able to consume large amounts of data autonomously.
  • Industries with Large Pools of Data:  These types of industries will be most affected by machine learning and includes the health care sector. New techniques based on machine learning will allow doctors and patients to devise the most effective treatment plans that can be updated in real time.

  • Improvements in Healthcare Billing and Research:  IBM’s Watson is an excellent example of how machine learning can bring fantastic improvements to the healthcare industry. Being able to collate cancer data from all over the world gives scientists a much better chance of being able to find new treatments.
  • Human Operators Will be Augmented:  Machine learning won’t necessarily replace human operators, but augment them instead, by enhancing their skills or providing extra insight where needed.
  • Transportation, Healthcare, and Advertising:   In the transportation sector we’ll see more self-driving cars through the use of machine learning. In the healthcare industry, all that collated data will be taken over by machine learning to figure out how to best make user of it. In advertising, content will become so personalized and sublimely that people won’t even know they’re being targeted.
  • Improved Predictions and Better Patient Outcomes:  Machine learning will become increasingly important in the healthcare industry, and as advancements are made, improved predictions and better patient outcomes will be achieved along the way.

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