How To Determine Whether Your Online Transactions Are Secure

These days a huge part of our lives takes place online. We shop online, pay bills online, make online bank transfers and more. One of the most unsettling aspects of making purchases online is how to feel confident that our online transactions are secure.

It’s extremely important to take extra precautions to ensure your personal information is kept safe and out of the hands of the wrong people. There are several things we should keep in mind when making online transactions to guarantee your security.

1 – Use a Secure Connection

A secure connection is an encrypted (SSL) internet connection that hides what you are doing from unauthorized people. An easy way to check if your connection is secure is by looking at the URL. A secure connection will appear like this: “https://” while an insecure connection will look like this: “HTTP://.”

2 – Determine Whether a Website Can be Trusted

Make online transactions only through sites you know you can trust. Never give your bank details or passwords to a site you are unfamiliar with or that you are unsure of its trustworthiness. Looking up the reputation of a website is relatively easy.

Take online casinos for example. Many third-party sites review, audit and rate online casino sites so that you can enjoy playing and making your transactions worry free. Many online casinos are examples of trustworthy online banking systems where you can feel comfortable getting your money in and out of your online account. However, there are also just as many insecure sites you need to be wary of.

3 – Credit Cards Accepted

Credit cards are always going to give you more protection than a debit card. Reputable sites will accept a variety of credit cards, while suspicious sites may ask for checks or debit card numbers.

4 – Padlock or Unbroken Key Icon

Before giving your credit card number, check that the site is encrypted.  You can’t do this by looking for icons such as a padlock or unbroken key at the top or bottom of your browser

5 – Privacy Statement

Reputable sites will tell you straight out how they protect your personal information and secure your credit card data. It is important to read this disclosure statement so you can decide whether you feel comfortable with their policies before making an online transaction.

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