Can You Imagine How the World’s First Spaceport Will Look Like?

Founded in 2013, World View Enterprises want to take private and business users to the edge of space to experience the journey of a lifetime. The company aims to use this unexplored, uninhabited area to perform better weather forecasting, remote sensing and so much more. The spacecraft that will be used will be able to hover 20 miles or so above the Earth essentially. Not only will this give scientists a great chance to collect data, but it will also give passengers a view of the Earth that they will never forget.

World View has already run several missions, but as of yet no public expeditions has begun. When these types of flights finally do take off, tickets are expected to go on sale starting at a cool $75,000 per seat. So, do you think you could handle going to the edge of the stratosphere and view the Earth as never before?

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