Is Working at Apple Really All it’s Cracked Up to Be? and Some Insider Tips!! To Replace Products

There are people around the world that would give their right arm to work for Apple at one of their swanky offices or pristine stores, but what do the people who already work there have to say about the big attraction?  Is it all it’s cracked up to be?  Keep reading for some ‘behind the scenes’ anonymous comments from real workers of the technology giant.

  • Some employees do actually love working for Apple. One employee said, “More people are working in each Apple store than you might realize. For some of them, working at Apple is just a job; they may not even know a lot about computers or use Macs in their personal lives.  But for others, it’s practically a cult.”  Some employees have even been known to have the company logo tattooed on themselves.
  • You can usually get a free replacement device if you say the right thing. One employee mentions how even if you damage your phone by something which is not covered under warranty, you could still claim for something that is – i.e. the battery dying faster than it should. “Then you have a solid case for getting a new phone. Bring it into the Genius Bar and just focus on the problem with the battery.  Chances are they’ll either fix the screen and the battery or give you a new phone at no charge if it’s still under the one-year warranty or covered by AppleCare”, says an anonymous Apple worker.
  • 3.  The Apple Store does have regulars too; some that come in every day. However, according to an employee, “Apple will never kick someone out for loitering.  Inappropriate sites are blocked from the in-store devices, so it’s not like people are coming in and watching porn.” So, if you ever just want somewhere to hang, out of the cold, head to an Apple Store.

  • AppleCare is pushed more than any other product claims one previous employee.  They said, “The philosophy was that the computers are gonna sell themselves, and the real profit was in the more intangible products like. Mac or AppleCare.”  Even so, it’s still a good product.  “You should invest in AppleCare, especially on more expensive devices, but you should also use it.  Meaning, if anything is wrong with your laptop – literally anything – bring it in and get it fixed.”
  • Apple employees do get some perks, but maybe not as many as some people think.  Former employees confirmed that when the first generation of iPhones was released, all full-time employees were given one for free.  Other incentives have included 25% off one computer, and three 15% discounts for friends and family every year.   However, knowledge is still kept back, and one employee said, “What you don’t get is information about new products or features before the public.  We learned about big announcements at the same time as everyone else, contrary to the popular belief that if you work for Apple, you have some sort of advanced insider knowledge.”

  • Inventory often goes missing.  As with any business, theft within the workplace is, unfortunately, more common than we like to believe, and Apple is no different.  “A lot of merchandise disappears from Apple stores, and it’s just chalked up to ‘shrink’ – i.e. inventory that gets damaged and can’t be sold, or stuff that goes missing during shipping or distribution.  Apple tries to keep their shrink at 0%, but in my experience, it was significantly higher”, tells another former employee.
  • Whatever happens, don’t be late for work.  Strict lateness rules apply within the company where you are allowed three instances in any one year before you’d receive a verbal warning, meaning you could be ineligible for promotion.  After three verbal warnings, you get a written warning.  Three written warnings and out the door you go!

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