Fuel Cell Vs. Battery Powered Motors: Who Will Come Out on Top?

It’s still mainly all talk about battery powered motors being the next big thing in the automotive world and the idea that will essentially help to save the planet too. But, some people just aren’t convinced and are still hedging their bets with fuel celled vehicles being a bigger success that battery power.

The fuel celled car has been proved to be inefficient compared to battery powered, so you may be wondering why people are still interested in them. But, a recent survey carried out by research firm KPMG revealed that out of 1,000 senior executives from the world’s leading automotive companies surveyed, more than 60 percent of them still firmly believed that battery-powered electric vehicles would fail, and nearly 80 percent believing that hydrogen was the way to go.

While battery powered vehicles have been proven to be around three times more efficient than hydrogen fuel celled vehicles, executives still have this down as the fuel of the future.  However, executives also believe that battery-powered vehicles will still be going strong next year. Not necessarily because they are better than hydrogen, but as a gap filler until this technology is ready for commercial use. Currently, the only major advantage that hydrogen fuel celled vehicles have over battery powered ones is that refueling is much faster. So, it looks like battery electrical energy has won the argument for now, but for how, we shall have to wait and see.

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