Apple’s Plans to Taking Top Position from Spotify in Music Industry

There is no denying that Spotify is a global leader when it comes to music. Also, there is no denying that Apple is a giant to be reckoned with in the field of technology. However, Apple music is currently far behind Spotify. Since it was introduced into the market roughly 18 months ago, Apple music is making waves of its own.

An Apple music subscription costs $9.99, and this has helped the company to cover its USD $3 Billion that was used to buy Beats in May 2014. In an interview with the New York Times, Apple’s music executives Larry Jackson and Jimmy Lovine discussed their interests for securing exclusives including their relationship with Kanye West.

Apple music comes across as a marketing platform while it is also a music platform. Therefore, all albums that have premiered exclusively on Apple music have done exceedingly well. Albums in 2016 from DJ Khaled, Future, and Travis Scott debuted at position one on the Billboard Chart as notable Apple music exclusives. Evidently, Drake did not benefit alone. Frank Ocean also broke the norm when he left his label to work directly with Apple music.

Alongside these noteworthy achievements, Apple is going to convince artists that by signing up with them, they also get iTunes and Apple’s wide market. Apple also sponsored Drake’s 60-city Summer Sixteen Tour in the summer of 2016. According to Lovine, Apple would love to continue working with big names in the industry and not only make money for Apple but the artists too.

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