The Reason why AR will become Greater than VR

The experiences and contents of virtual reality (VR) are mind-blowing, to say the least. This is mostly because of the visuals around VR. Sadly, VR is undergoing challenges that may lead to its death in the future. This is especially coupled with VR property of immersive quality that limits it for widespread use.

Contrary to VR, AR is already making waves in the industry and is already in partnerships with heavyweights and significant game changers. AR is the powerhouse on Snapchat, one of the most popular mobile apps. On average, there is 10 billion Snapchat videos and 150 million daily active users. Additionally, the app has an imminent $20-25 billion IPO. The success that Snapchat has enjoyed and will seemingly continue to enjoy is hugely credited to the use of AR.

Another example of AR’s adventures as well as significant success is Pokémon Go. The game broke major records in 2016 and capped over 500 million downloads with players walking 2.8 billion miles. According to BI intelligence, coupling VR and AR market will yield $162 billion by 2020. However, AR is expected to bring in more revenue than VR.

Industry heavyweights such as Microsoft are already in partnerships with AR (e.g. HoloLens). Tim Cook indicated that Apple is interested in acquiring AR into its iPhone mapping system. Magic Leap has already raised $1.8 Billion working on AR platform. Although companies such as Facebook, Google, Sony, and Samsung have all invested in VR, the ones in AR will make use of its properties to bring in revenue.

AR allows the network to be fast, therefore, reaching mainstream faster than VR ever provided. Additionally, chances of monetizing with AR are greater than they will ever be with VR. Lastly, there is the undeniable fact that AR is less hermetic and comes with lead-in characteristics. For anyone looking to keep up with modern media consumption culture, it is more than safe to advise that AR is the way to go.

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