With this New Flexible Device, It Might be Possible to Charge your Phone While Walking

Via Getty Images

Since this is a world of technology and unending groundbreaking research works, it might come as no surprise that soon we will be able to recharge our phones without the need to plug into a charger. Researchers at the Michigan State University came up with a nanogenerator. This is a small film-like device that is run by both LCD touchscreen and flexible keyboard.

The nanogenerator also houses 20 LED lights. There is no battery connection. From this test, it is evident that film-like device can be folded over to create higher levels of power. There is not much energy needed either. This was indicated during the test when the touchscreen was powered by a finger-sized film while the surface film was palm-sized.

According to Nelson Sepulveda lead investigator, each tie the nanogenerator is folded, the amount of voltage created exponentially increases. What’s more, the device is way smaller than the rest. It can fit into just about any pocket. It can also be put into a shoe heel thus creating power each time you take a step!

The only limitation is that this tech will not be compatible with the iPhone 8. What’s exciting is that it seems that pretty soon, we will be able to wake up, get up and go, without worrying about overnight phone charging.

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